A scent-free hydrogel patches A set of 10pcs

A scent-free hydrogel patches B set of 10pcs or 25pcs

Scentless hydrogel patches. The patch surface is matt, it doesn't reflect light. It is easy to draw  guidelines for an effect. A universal shape will fit different eye shapes. They are comfortable so putting on extensions becomes easy and pleasurable. Small slits at the edge will make application and fitting easier. Hydrogel patches adhere to skin easily.

Tip: the eye area is one of the most delicate places on a human body. If you want to minimise allergic reactions and irritation, use a product without a scent (hydrogel patches, cleaner etc.) Remember that in most times it is a scent that provokes allergic reaction and irritation.

Package of 10 sachets or 25 sachets, 2pcs in every sachet

Height - 2,8 cm

Width - 7cm

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Set of : 10pcs

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Price : 10,30 €

10,30 €

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