Silk, Black, C, 0.05

Silk, Black, C, 0.05

Posh Lashes Silk – are characterised by silky shine but at the same time they aren't slippery in the application or creating a fan.

POSH Lashes Silk has a double amount of pigment – they are the only ones on the market.

Deep, perfect black colour is highlighted by spectacular shine.

Shiny Posh Lashes are great for all techniques 1:1, 2d, 3d and Super Size.

Lashes create a perfect fan, they are light and delicate. They are made out of a high-quality synthetic poly-fibers which make them springy and resistant to losing shape or discolouration. While being made Posh Lashes go through 9 quality controls, which ensures they will meet the requirements of most demanding stylists.

Thanks to materials properties POSH LASHES look light and fluffy in Super Size style.

POSH LASHES is a pleasurable application.

Lashes are easy to separate from the strip. White strip colour makes it easy to see individual lashes. Rows are marked so after sticking them to the display stylist will know exactly what curve or thickness are they.

POSH LASHES Silk are available:

  • in black

  • in 5 thicknesses: 0.05, 0.07, 0.1,0.15,0.2

  • in B, C, D, L+ curve

  • length 4 - 7 mm - 7 rows per palette

  • length 8 - 9 mm, 10 - 11 mm, 12 - 13 mm, mix 7 - 13 mm - 14 rows per palette

Veuillez ajouter les quantités souhaitées dans la ou les déclinaisons de votre choix.


Choix de la palette : 10mm

Stock :

Price : 19,00 €

19,00 €

Choix de la palette : 7 mm / petite palette

Stock :

Price : 9,00 €

9,00 €

Choix de la palette : 9 mm / grande palette

Stock :

Price : 19,00 €

19,00 €

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